What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility involves monitoring the investment portfolio from a moral and ethical perspective and exercising our rights and responsibilities as shareholders to hold corporations accountable for their social and environmental policies and practices.

Why do we engage in Corporate Social Responsibility?

We engage in Corporate Social Responsibility in order to fulfill the congregation’s mission to “direct our corporate resources to the promotion of justice, peace, and reconciliation” and thereby to effect change toward social and environmental justice. 

1/31/14:  Sr. Nora Nash, our director of corporate social responsibility, wrote an article about some of the work her office has done reaching out to those in need.  Sr. Ann Marie Slavin shared the article on her blog and commented, “Although I was touched by the story of the people in the Philippines, I was completely blown away by the pictures from the gypsy camp in India.”  Read more on Sr. Ann Marie’s blog.


11/21/13 - Top U.S. Banks Get Average or Below-Average Scores on Key Shareholder Concerns.  Read more.

5/16/13 - ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility) has issued an important "Investor Statement on Bangladesh."  The Sisters of St. Francis are signatories.  In only two days, we put together a coalition of more than 120 investors managing more than $1.2 trillion.   Read the statement released to 'The New York Times'.

3/23/13 - On March 21, 2013, Sr. Nora Nash and two other ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility) members attended a full meeting with the Hershey Company in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  The company continues to expand its commitment to communities, cocoa farmers and labor practices, including no child labor.  Read press release.

12/21/12 - Response to Newtown, Connecticut, Shooting:  Many are asking if we are doing something about the recent tragedy in Connecticut. We have been active opponents of violent video games for several years and worked with the retail industry and the Entertainment Software Rating Board to prevent the sale of violent games to minors. The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility will be considering and identifying additional opportunities for engagement by our members to prevent gun violence. The attached resolution identifies opportunities to engage corporations in this effort. We know that across faith groups, there is a significant opportunity to collaborate and strengthen the civil discourse as we seek to establish a nonviolent culture in our country.

We have many colleagues both within and across our ministries who are actively working on legislative approaches to prevent gun violence. The organization called the Interfaith Group Against Gun Violence has been working with Catholic Health Association and includes Franciscan Action Network and Leadership Conference of Women Religous. The group has participated in several conference calls and has recently signed onto a resolution placing more restrictions on guns(click the attachment)

Also please take time to enjoy the poem “Perspective Check.”   Read the attachments!



Philadelphia Area Coalition For Responsible Investment (PACRI)

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)

Northwest Committee for Responsible Investment (NWCRI)

By means of collaborative involvement with PACRI, NWCRI, and ICCR, Corporate Responsible Investment (CRI) exerts influence on corporations in order to effect change.

The CRI also maintains a collaborative relationship with Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), Catholic Health East (CHE), Neumann College, St. Joseph Family Center, and The Catholic High School of Baltimore.

Read some of the outcomes of our work in Corporate Social Responsibility.

For more information about Corporate Social Responsibility, contact us.